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The Affordable Websites

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Here is a breakdown of the procedure we follow when creating and developing your website. You will have the opportunity to review and request revisions, for each deliverable. Throughout the process your Project Manager will be available to address any inquiries or offer guidance as needed.

Step 1: Agree delivery and feedback dates

Step 2: Complete our online forms detailing your requirements

Step 3: Receive your Free Logo Design pack and request any revisions to your favourite design

Step 4: Receive your website design concept

Step 5: Provide us with any revisions to your design concept

Step 6: Receive a link to your shiny new website and provide any revisions

Step 7: Go Live!

Throughout each phase of the project you will have the opportunity to request revisions. These revision cycles are designed to ensure that we deliver a product that meets your expectations. With, over 11 years of experience in website development it is quite uncommon for us to miss the mark on our attempt and many of our customers find that they do not require any revisions all.

It is important to keep in mind that we provide a service, which means there may be instances where our interpretation of your differs from what you originally envisioned. In cases please don’t worry; simply inform your Project Manager soon as you receive the deliverable. Once we have completed one stage and moved on to the next if you happen to change your mind or if your initial requirements evolve we will provide a quote for any rework.

Not happy with content? No problem! Once we have finished our work you will have access to your websites dashboard. Can make many changes, to the content as you desire.

Absolutely! Our team consists of designers who’re well versed in providing various graphic design services. We can assist you with anything, from leaflets, business cards, banners, digital ads to brochures. If you have any doubts or need information feel free to inquire. We have a collection of projects that span across diverse fields and industries.

We will provide your selected logo, in PNG and/or JPG format. PNGs are generally the choice as they come with a background. If requested we can also offer SVG formats which’re suitable, for high resolution printing. Additionally we will supply your logo in sizes tailored for social media platforms giving you a variety of options to choose from.

We understand that unexpected situations can arise. We all have lives. There may be times when delays occur. If you find yourself unable to meet a deadline it is important to contact your Project Manager as possible.

Together we will. Agree upon dates to reschedule the project. Even if the new dates are missed again there is still hope. You will have the option to either reschedule your project more or temporarily pause it and resume it within a span of 6 months. However please keep in mind that if your project needs rescheduling or if it has been paused and then requires rescheduling, a fee of 10% will be applied upon resuming. Additionally please note that if you are making installment payments, for your project the due dates will not change even if there are delays.


We accept PayPal & Bank Transfer.

Our pricing packages are designed to be transparent and clear. You can visit our pricing pages for both brochure and eCommerce websites to get a breakdown of the features included in your package.

Rest assured we don’t have any costs. However it’s important to note that every website requires hosting and a domain name to function on the internet. Any additional requests, beyond the scope of your project may incur design or development charges. For example if you decide to change your requirements after receiving the design.

Many customers often find that they don’t require assistance once their website has been built since they can easily log in and make edits, to the pages and content themselves.

Depending on the package you select you will receive a period that includes hosting assistance monthly security updates to protect your website from harm and regular backups of your website. There is no obligation and the current price, for this service is £25, per month.

We recognize the significance of a seamless website launch. That’s why we provide a complimentary ‘Go’ warranty, for all our customers valid for 30 days. Even though we conduct testing before launching your website, occasional technical glitches and bugs can still happen. That’s where our warranty comes into play. If either you or we notice any issues like display errors or functionality problems simply submit a support ticket. We’ll promptly address them at no cost to you*.

If you decide to continue hosting your website with us after the 30 day period you can be assured that we’ll have your back in case of any issues that may arise from regular usage of your site*. It’s important to note that some exceptions apply since we provide you with freedom in customizing your site through the dashboard, which means certain changes are, beyond our control.


At our company we have a variety of fixed price options to cater to your needs. On average it takes us 3 to 4 weeks to complete the development of your store from start to finish. However we understand that sometimes there may be delays particularly if we are waiting for feedback, from you. We make it a priority to keep you informed and will notify you in case any delays are expected.

If you require advanced features the timeline may extend a bit longer. Rest assured that we will keep you updated at every step of the process. We understand the urgency of getting your store up and running soon as possible. In case you have a project we offer a service option at an additional cost. This means that if all the necessary information is provided by you we can deliver a store within 7 days or less!

Our aim is to make your eCommerce journey seamless and stress free. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that we create a website that fulfills all your requirements. So whether you are interested, in a package or need something tailored specifically for you please reach out to us so that we can discuss how best to assist you.

We use WordPress with Woocommerce to create our stores. Woocommerce is widely used for eCommerce and powers millions of websites globally. It offers a range of built in features. You can find details, about it here.

Our eCommerce Packages provide the choice to install either PayPal or Stripe. Both of these options offer rates for businesses when it comes to handling credit and debit card transactions. It’s important to mention that we cannot help with setting up a PayPal or Stripe account. The process itself is straightforward and fast. Additionally both PayPal and Stripe support Apple Pay and Android Pay giving you the opportunity to offer an added level of convenience, for your customers.

Great news! You have the freedom to add products as you want to your store. However it’s important to be mindful of a few things if you want to drive sales through search engines. Of overwhelming your store with hundreds or thousands of products, from the start it’s advisable to focus on your best selling items. Make sure their descriptions are well crafted, unique and accompanied by high quality images.

The only limitation you need to consider is the storage capacity of your website. With our hosting package you can easily add 500+ products without any impact, on performance long as your images are compressed (under 500kbs). If you require storage and faster speeds we also provide custom hosting solutions specifically designed for stores.

Many customers find it preferable for us to create their websites than relying on platforms, like Shopify. One major advantage of having us build your website is that you will have control over it. This means you will own all the website files and you can make changes to your site as desired. On the hand when using Shopify technically speaking you don’t truly own your website; if Shopify increases its prices you’re left with no choice but to pay or risk losing your site.

Furthermore as your business grows and becomes successful Shopifys plans may become too expensive to afford with costs exceeding $50 per month just to keep your store running or add products.

Building your website on WordPress/WooCommerce also provides flexibility. These platforms offer a range of customization options that allow you to personalize your site according to preferences and needs. Therefore if you desire control, over your eCommerce website and want the ability to expand without incurring expenses opting for us to build your site on WordPress/WooCommerce is the ideal route.

Managing your eCommerce orders is incredibly simple, like managing your emails! You can access your order management system from long as you have an internet connection. Whats even better is that our mobile app will send you push notifications whenever you make a sale! Isn’t that awesome?

Using your dashboard you can easily view all the details of your orders process refunds. Even take manual orders over the phone. We’ve designed our order management system to be user friendly so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced online seller – it’ll be a breeze to use.

Whenever a customer places an order they’ll receive email notifications.. When they complete the checkout process you’ll also receive an email notification containing their order details. You have control over your orders. Can easily set the status of each one with just a few clicks.. Once you dispatch an item we’ll automatically send another email to let your customer know that their order is, on its way.

We have a range of to use reports at your disposal. On your dashboard you can easily. Personalize reports to display revenue, popular products, sales based on coupons, product categories and much more.

With the help of graphs and statistics you can conveniently examine the sales data of your store on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. For a list of reports please click here.

Our stores are designed to cater to a range of products whether they are physical or digital. These products can come in variations, such, as varying colors, sizes and shapes. This variety makes it convenient for your customers to navigate through your store effortlessly.

Moreover we provide customized solutions, for selling tickets, subscriptions, memberships and other special requirements. If you have any needs or preferences please feel free to reach out to us for a quote.

Your website will come equipped with an inventory management system that gives you control over your stock. You can easily manage your stock through your dashboard. It will automatically update whenever you receive an order or process a refund.

Additionally it’s simple to adjust your stock levels mark products, as available or, out of stock and even offer a backorder option if theres demand!


A content management system, also known as CRM is a platform on which we develop your website. It allows you to easily make edits and update your website through a panel. With a few clicks you can update the website modify text or even add a video without having to reach out to us for assistance! The content management system we use for building your website is called WordPress, which happens to be the used platform worldwide.

Your website will be created using a user tool that enables you to easily arrange elements of your websites content, on the page exactly where you want them. With a few clicks you can add text blocks, image blocks and more! This makes it incredibly easy for you to make edits, to existing pages or even create ones depending on the package you select. No prior experience is necessary although basic computer skills are required.

Certainly you are free to utilize your hosting if you prefer. However we strongly recommend against it for reasons. One crucial factor is that websites operating on a content management system need security updates to safeguard against viruses hacking attempts and compatibility problems. Unfortunately inexpensive hosting providers typically do not offer these security updates leaving the responsibility of performing them on your own. This approach poses a risk of harming your website in the process.

Of course! We believe in transparency when it comes to website ownership. Once you have paid for the design of your website it becomes exclusively yours. Although we technically hold a license, for any images we provide this allows you to freely use them on your website.

Our websites are powered by a content management system giving you access, to a control panel where you can log in. There are customization options that enable you to create new pages publish blog posts and much more. You have the freedom to add images, videos, PDFs and other types of content long as it fits within your allocated storage space.

There exist two forms of SEO, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Might sound intricate at first. Its actually quite straightforward;

On-Page SEO

This is the work that we do on your website. It involves the construction, user experience and coding process. We ensure that every package includes elements that help Google discover read and comprehend the content of your website.

Off-Page SEO

This refers to any work that is not directly completed on your website. It involves establishing and enhancing your websites authority and reputation online. It is a service that’s necessary to rank for competitive search terms. The costs, for this service start at $300 per month. Vary depending on the level of competition for your chosen keywords.

SEO forms the foundation of businesses. It requires patience, persistence and trust in the expertise of professionals. Ranking a brand website with no authority for search terms can take over a year so its important not to expect immediate results.

Numerous companies offer SEO services starting from $100 per month – however it would be more beneficial to allocate your budget towards Google Ads if its this limited. By opting for services there is a risk of employing even harmful techniques by these companies, which could lead to penalties such, as having your website completely removed from search engine results!

While you’re using our hosting services we take care of all the maintenance tasks to ensure your website remains secure. Additionally you have the option to add a security certificate, which enhances trust for your visitors.

We implement a level of security that is widely used in the industry to give you peace of mind. Although its rare there is a possibility that websites can be compromised. That’s why it’s important to have backups to restore and repair the website if needed. As part of your hosting package we make sure that regular backups are conducted for your website.

We ensure that all our websites are built using the up, to date coding standards guaranteeing an experience for your visitors. Our website hosting packages are specifically optimized to run WordPress and provide a high speed service.

It’s worth noting that if you choose to host your website you might encounter hosting speeds. Some inexpensive hosting companies like Godaddy and Bluehost often claim to offer fast hosting but the reality can be quite different. I recommend reading reviews before making a decision!

For customers who want performance, from their websites we also offer a speed optimization service.

Absolutely we have you covered. Our extensive collection of licensed images will be utilized throughout your website to ensure the appeal. Images and photographs are vital, in creating a captivating website so it’s crucial to make sure they are just right.

Using photos gives off a sense of professionalism for your business. If you have an image style, in mind feel free to choose your images if our selections don’t meet your expectations.

Do you already have your images? Typically we suggest incorporating any case study photos or previous work images into a Gallery or Portfolio page to maintain the design integrity of the website.

Every month we receive requests, from our customers who either lack the time to make improvements or changes to their websites themselves or simply prefer not to do it. We are more, than happy to assist you with edits and modifications. Just submit a support ticket. We will provide you with a quote that offers value for your money. Our charges are calculated in 15 minute increments. We offer service levels based on how quickly you want the work completed. This way if you have a change that needs to be made you can count on us to prioritize it !

Custom Functionality

Great news! While many of the websites we create are sites or online stores we also specialize in developing websites with advanced custom features. Our team has experience, in building booking systems, membership platforms, job boards and recruitment systems, subscription services, price comparison tools, real estate agency platforms and much more. We take pride in our ability to fulfill any request within budget constraints!

If you’re interested, in adding custom functionality to your website it might be more affordable than you expect. Feel free to contact us and discuss your project.

When faced with situations, like creating dashboards or undertaking extensive projects it might be recommended to utilize a PHP based framework. The decision should consider factors such, as budget, complexity and the ultimate objective of the website.

Sure thing! I mean what’s the point of having a customized platform if you don’t know how to use it right? For projects that involve customer functionality we usually provide one hour of training, through screen sharing. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions explore features and get familiar with your new system. In cases one hour is sufficient to cover everything. If you need additional training time you can request it by the hour. We also offer group sessions if thats something you prefer.

If you’re more inclined towards training videos of one on one screen sharing sessions we can record a video, with narrations covering the training material. This way you can watch it at your convenience anytime you want. Just let us know before scheduling your training if thiss your preference.

After Sales

We take pride in offering top notch support, for businesses that choose to host with us. The majority of support tickets we receive are promptly. Often resolved within a hours during our working hours. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on making edits and changes to your website long as its done fairly.

If you require features or enhanced functionality our support team is readily available to provide you with a quote and schedule the work based on your timeline.

One thing that truly sets our support apart from the competition is that the same team who built your website is also responsible for providing assistance. As a business we value building relationships with our customers. In cases our team is already familiar, with your website so there’s no need to reintroduce yourself or waste time speaking to a call center who lacks prior knowledge of your website or business.

We also provide Pay Per Click Management services for Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization strategies, Social Media Advertising solutions and much more. If you’re curious, about how you can increase your businesss revenue through marketing techniques don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

If you need any assistance we kindly request that you send us a support ticket. Should you have any inquiries or wish to have a conversation, with one of our team members we would be delighted to schedule a phone call or video call at your convenience.

We understand that you may have decided to move on and we’re sorry to see you go. If you wish you can submit a request to transfer your website. Just fill out our transfer out form.

Please keep in mind that once your website has been transferred elsewhere we won’t be able to offer any support or warranty. You will be responsible, for updating and maintaining your website on your own.

If you find that the service you switched to doesn’t meet your expectations please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We would be glad to welcome you back!

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